Pencil on paper
2007, Pune, India 
As a new entrant to the-then developing field of 3-D animation in India, I started out as a Pre-Production faculty teaching at a premier  animation institute in Pune, India. Inspired by the magnificence of the craft in creating fantastical experiences, I ventured on an "in-between classes" adventure to create my own world starring royals and villains, and ghastly creatures of every kind. I call them "The Mauras". 
2011, Bangalore, India
An almost overnight decision to move from Pune to Bangalore seemed very intimidating but I was looking forward to a fresh start for both me and my son but three months of unemployment and my savings down to couple of hundred rupees quickly made me second guess my decision. Art was my only escape but I couldn't afford to buy the material for an oil or acrylic, hence I shifted to pencils and water-colors. And quickly realized that mediums have their own limitations, but in those limitations lie some wonderful secrets.  
Oil on canvas
2011 Bangalore:
A few months later, I finally secured a job as an art faculty with an institute. I was desperate for a job. In the course of the interview, although the manager was impressed with my profile, he was still skeptical about my skills as an artist. I was hesitant, yet a jolt of confidence ran down my spine when he pointed at a photograph hung on the wall behind me and said "the job is yours, if you can replicate that photographs in acrylic". And with the statement I started my serious second -affair with realism.